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Aerodrome Flight Information Service to stay for Milford Sound Piopiotahi

07 May 2021

Milford Sound

In May 2020 Airways launched a review of the air traffic services it provides at seven regional airports which had reducing traffic volumes, including the Milford Sound Piopiotahi Aerodrome. The purpose of the review has been twofold: to confirm that the right level of Air Traffic Control is provided at the airports, and that appropriate agreements are in place for funding these services.

Airways CEO Graeme Sumner says “Our goal has been to make sure that there is an evidence-based service in place at all involved airports that ensures safety remains paramount, without imposing unnecessary cost onto the airlines and other operators that use the aerodrome.”

The first step in the process has been for involved airports to undertake aeronautical studies to examine their individual airspace environments.

As operator of the aerodrome, the Ministry of Transport submitted the independent aeronautical study to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Having reviewed the aeronautical study, the CAA has determined the safe level of service needed for the aerodrome to operate. This is for the air traffic service in the form of the current Aerodrome Flight Information Service to remain.

“Airways welcomes the CAA’s decision that the current Aerodrome Flight Information Service remain at Milford Sound Piopiotahi aerodrome”.

“We will work with the Ministry of Transport to continue providing the service that the CAA requires, and will now enter into discussions regarding the commercial terms of the service,” Mr Sumner says.

Note to editors:

Airways operates 17 air traffic control towers nationally and offers an airfield flight information service (AFIS) at Milford Sound Piopiotahi Aerodrome and Kapiti Coast Airport.

AFIS is used at aerodromes where there are very low traffic levels. It is different to air traffic control in that AFIS officers do not issue instructions to pilots. Instead they provide pilots with information that they use to safely operate in and around an aerodrome. 

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