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About Airways

Safe skies today and tomorrow

We are Aotearoa New Zealand’s air navigation service provider. We are responsible for ensuring the safe travel of all aircraft through 30 million square kilometres of airspace. 

We have Air Traffic Controllers in 19 towers across the country ensuring the safe arrival and departure of all aircraft. Teams located in our two radar centres guide aircraft through our airspace which stretches across the South Pacific and Southern Oceans and the Tasman Sea, from 5 degrees south of the equator to Antarctica. In addition, our Flight Information Office provides vital information to ensure safe travel to and from uncontrolled aerodromes.

Our controllers rely on technology to keep our skies safe, and our Technology team have engineers and technicians across the country designing, monitoring and maintaining a complex navigation and communication network to ensure our controllers stay connected to aircraft and each other.

Our Safety and Assurance Team ensures our people are equipped to perform their jobs safely. Comprising a diverse range of expertise, the team helps educate and advise the business to protect employees and ensure safety on the ground and in the skies.

Airways is a State-Owned Enterprise established under the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1987.

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