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Sharing our safety expertise on the international circuit

Andy Lucy AeroThai forum

Day-to-day, aviation and people safety are always at the forefront of my mind, particularly in relation to the ever increasing interface between people and technology. 

As we're advancing in aviation we're interacting more frequently with automation. As operators, we have an increasing reliance on technology, which in turn introduces a different risk profile to that associated with traditional modes of operation.

So, high levels of discipline and professionalism are essential in our industry, particularly in the critical safety aspects. 

That’s why I’m keen to share our experience after eagerly accepting an invite from the Director of the Safety & Standards Bureau of Aerothai to be the main guest speaker at a two-day safety forum in Bangkok. 

A highlight of 2015, the forum offered me an opportunity to showcase Airways’ safety initiatives alongside Andy Boyd, the manager of our terminal sectors, who was invited as the second speaker.  

Airways’ operational safety training course, called PULSE (Professionals, (Us) Leading Safety Everywhere) has received a lot of interest across the Asia Pacific region and among air navigation service providers (ANSPs).  It’s regarded as an excellent example of using NOSS (Normal Operations Safety Survey) data and Threat and Error Management (TEM) principles in a constructive training environment to improve safety.  It is also valued for its focus on professionalism.   

Together, Andy and I presented and facilitated five sessions over two days.  In this time we revealed the story of PULSE since its inception in 2012 to a very attentive audience - keen to understand how what we had done could be applied in their operations.  It was great to be able to share our experiences in an interactive manner and to energise the group. It gave us a real sense of achievement and pride. 

Andy and I both thoroughly enjoyed sharing Airways' safety expertise at the event and we were inspired by some of the initiatives other ANSPs in the region have conducted.  This was also an excellent opportunity to build inter-ANSP relationships across the Asia Pacific region with a true focus on enhancing safety in the region. 


Lucy Mitchell

Safety Improvement Coordinator/Air Traffic Controller