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Airways’ pursuit of excellence in safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility - and our focus on our people as the heart of Airways - is the theme of an article published in the latest issue of CANSO Airspace magazine.

In the article, CEO Ed Sims shares his view on the importance of trusting people to get on with the job and Airways’ approach to training and learning, and also talks about Airways’ transformational MANA strategy, our enduring focus on safety, and our commitment to reducing aviation’s environmental footprint.

About our air traffic control training and the introduction of e-learning into this space, Ed commented: “ATC learning has to be as progressive and accessible as any other form of education. Just as today’s student has replaced blackboards and books with iPads and apps, tomorrow’s ATCO needs simulation, accessible anywhere.”

Airways is showcasing a prototype of our Aviation Knowledge Online platform for potential customers to provide feedback on at the World ATM Congress in Madrid this week.  "Aviation Knowledge Online (AKO) is a critical innovation for Airways Training. While AKO supports mainstream learning, it has also facilitated the shift from traditional classroom based learning to e-learning,” Ed says in the article.

Ed later touches on what he sees as the main regional and global challenges for the industry and what it takes to be a leader in the current environment.

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CANSO Airspace - Ed Sims