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Promoting safe drone operation

A cooperative approach has eased the integration of remotely piloted aircraft into New Zealand airspace. Airways worked in collaboration with Crown and industry to create airshare, an online portal in support of this emerging technology.

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Airways 2016-19 pricing consultation

Genuine relationships that last the distance

Our global relationships harness Airways’ innovative technology to bring our customers the best in safety and efficiency. We partner with some of our industry’s best aviation experts, and deliver services in over 65 countries. We’ve got a presence in China, the United Arab Emirates, Latin America and throughout the Pacific.

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Working with airlines

Airways drives safety advancements and technical efficiencies for our airline customers. As New Zealand’s air navigation service provider (ANSP) we consistently achieve solid results – global efficiency benchmarks place us in the top 5% of ANSPs in the world.

Working with South Pacific nations

We work closely with South Pacific nations on aviation development, maintenance and training projects. These projects support and grow aeronautical and aerodrome capabilities in the region.

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Near space services

Our training partners

Demand for experienced people in the ATC industry is increasing. We offer strategic global partnership solutions to help meet your recruitment and training needs – today.

Commercial and recreational UAVs

Airshare, powered by Airways, is the hub for UAV operators in New Zealand. Here you'll find the information you need, learn how to operate your drone safely, learn where to fly, plan all your UAV flights, request access to controlled airspace...and be part of the buzz.