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UAS traffic management

Safer skies with AirShare UTM

Airspace intelligence & management for unmanned traffic

AirShare is a proven UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) traffic management system, to help air navigation service providers and regulators safely and efficiently integrate unmanned traffic into their airspace. Since its launch in 2014, AirShare has been used by Airways New Zealand to “share the air”.

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Why invest in UTM?


Airspace management system

AirShare's Airspace Manager module has the capability to provide real-time display and management of nationwide UAS activity. 

  • Manage flight requests from a single operational console
  • Integration options for Remote ID and live display of traffic with automated alerts
  • Communications with pilots to ensure flight operations are adhered to
  • Dashboards for airspace managers.

Integration with the emerging digital ecosystem

AirShare aggregates data from various sources to provide an operational picture to improve situational awareness of unmanned activity.

Options include:

  • Detection systems 
  • Pilot and drone registry systems
  • Unmanned flight positional data
  • Digitised airspace charts.

AirShare Airspace Manager

Low Level Airspace, Programme Manager, ANSP

The AirShare team have been fantastic to work with. Exceptionally flexible and demonstrating a great level of knowledge regarding UTM/ATM integration. We have worked with the team at AirShare in a highly agile and dynamic way, which provided us with a great outcome.


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