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As ab initio air traffic controller training experts, Airways achieves some of the highest success rates in the industry. With highly skilled and experienced instructors, leading-edge training and simulation technologies, fully equipped campuses and facilities, and internationally recognised programmes, Airways Training will make a real difference to your business. We can help your recruits complete their education, while lowering your recruitment costs for ATC ab-initios by 25%.

Classroom training

ICAO & EASA courses



Airways offers a full range of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant courses. Our courses are presented via a combination of interactive training sessions with blended learning activities, and are enhanced by the use of case studies, discussions and practical application. Our catalogue of ICAO courses includes:

051 ATS Licensing Subjects
A comprehensive introduction to Air Traffic Services (ATS). This course forms the essential base knowledge for all other ATC courses.

052 Aerodrome Control
Students learn to integrate and apply the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies in an aerodrome simulated environment.

053 Approach Control Procedural or 055 Area Control Procedural
Students are trained to manage traffic in accordance with operational rules and procedures in a simulated procedural approach or area environment.

054 Area or Approach Control Surveillance
Students will demonstrate and apply the provision of an area or approach control surveillance service in a simulated surveillance environment.


We offer the following European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) approved ATC training courses, compliance with Regulation (EU) 340/2015 specifications. 

Basic Training Course
Provide a base theoretical knowledge of aviation and air traffic control.

Aerodrome Rating Course ADV/ADI
Students enhance their skills in aerodrome visual and aerodrome instrument environments. Much of this course is practical in nature and utililises our leading-edge TotalControl simulation technology.

ATM & ATS Operations courses


Air Traffic Management courses

The Airways Air Traffic Management suite of courses is designed to help instructors and aspiring instructors to enhance their skills. Courses range from five days to two weeks and are presented via interactive lectures, group problem solving and role-playing exercises.

  • Human Factors in ATS

  • Classroom Instructional Technique

  • OJT Instructor Courses

  • Air Traffic Services Examiner Course

  • ATS Training Management

ATS Operations Support courses

Airways Training offers several courses designed to keep ANSP management personnel up-to-date with best-practice management techniques.

  • Air Traffic Flow Management

  • Air Safety Incident Investigation

  • ATS Safety Management Systems

  • CNS/ATM for Senior Managers

  • Aviation English for Controllers

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Aviation English training


English for Aviation Safety offers you ICAO aligned, aviation-specific English training and testing.

The English for Aviation Safety training programme is being offered by Aviation English Services (AES), which is owned by Airways. Our programme was developed by specialists who were part of the ICAO PRICE Study Group which developed the Aviation English language proficiency provisions. The programme, designed for anyone who works in the aviation industry, ensures the best use of participants’ time by incorporating instructor-led learning with online modules. This speeds up the vocabulary and language comprehension process.

•  English for Aviation Safety offers 240 hours of classroom and CBT training material per ICAO level.
•  English for Aviation Safety includes, initial testing, interviewer/rater testing, train the trainer programmes, consultancy and supporting modules and administration tools.

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Virtual training courses


051 ATS Licensing Subjects

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OJTI Refresher

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Watch Supervisor

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