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Advanced simulation made easy

Want a fully immersive simulation experience that's easy to use and maximises training outcomes?  Airways TotalControl advanced simulation combines unparalleled photo-real graphics based on our TrueView technology, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface - bringing you one of the most realistic digital simulation platforms on the global market.


Radar v2
Digital Tower v2

Your entire FIR simulated

Don’t be limited to a small area around your aerodrome. Full country/FIR simulation provides the best experience for multi-position and multi-aerodrome training (e. g. remote towers).

Flexible graphics options

Build your own 3D rendered environment with Airport Builder or upgrade your tower experience with TrueView.

Powerful 3D applications

Build worlds and create rich exercises faster with a suite of 3D tools that are accurate and easy to use. Train new sim pilots in just one week.

Cloud based simulation

Break down barriers with cloud-based simulation and real-time system monitoring. Train anywhere, any time with our Sim-in-a-suitcase.

Remote Piloting

Reduce costs and minimise time off roster for ATCs, by training anywhere, any time with remote piloting.

Training ready environment and exercises

Ready-to-use generic training environment and exercises developed by practicing ATC instructors included.

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TrueView: Advanced highly realistic graphics

Avinor sim

Spotlight on: Remote piloting

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Sheyk remote pilot

Total configuration control


TotalControl can easily be configured to suit your individual training requirements. Whether you need a radar, aerodrome, part-task or full ATC simulation solution, TotalControl can meet your needs.


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Our experience spans more than 10 years in the supply, design, implementation and commissioning of advanced simulation projects. We are proud of our long history and global footprint.


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