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SureSelect ATC selection

Select the right candidates most likely to succeed

In the busy, challenging environment that is air traffic control (ATC), it’s important to have the right people. SureSelect helps you narrow in on the candidates that possess core competencies predictive of ATC success. 

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Select the right candidates using objective, automated tools

Selecting the right person from the start saves you time and money, by reducing costly training failure and training times. With only 2-3% of the global population possessing the competencies to become an ATC, selecting candidates with confidence requires a validated and objective solution.

SureSelect helps you to improve efficiency, speed up selection results, make impartial decisions, and test ATC-specific competencies. It also focuses on candidate experience by providing ATC-specific, gamified assessments.

Toolkit of test suites

Access our range of SureSelect test suites via an easy-to-use online platform. Choose all or some of the test suites - tailor your selection to meet your goals and budget.


SureSelect - your way

SureSelect toolkit test suites fit into your own selection process to help you narrow in on the right candidates most likely to succeed as ATCs.  

Use SureSelect your way, to meet your needs:

  • Choose which tests you want to use
  • Choose your testing approach - stage-gate, or undertake all assessments at once
  • Choose unsupervised (e.g. complete tests online) or supervised testing (e.g. at a testing centre), or a mix of both



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