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Aviation revenue and billing

FlightYield simplifies and automates the aviation billing process. A sophisticated and purpose-built revenue billing tool, FlightYield gives you confidence that your services are being billed correctly so you can enjoy fewer disputed invoices and faster payment cycles.

A robust, proven revenue system

FlightYield provides accurate and comprehensive billing, customised invoices and detailed reporting utilising patented data consolidation and data validation processes. Gain peace of mind that your billing will accurately reflect your charging policy.

FlightYield will help you maintain control and management of your revenue, and maximise return on your ATC investments. 

  • Increase your revenue by accurately billing for all your services

  • Decrease costs by removing inconsistencies and errors in your billing

  • Improve customer satisfaction with faster invoice processing and less disputed invoices

  • Empower your customers with easy, transparent online access to their invoices and data through FlightYield GO, our cloud-based web application.

FlightYield fact

FlightYield processes 99.5% of flights without requiring operator intervention.

How does FlightYield work?

FlightYield is a cloud-based service, designed specifically for ANSPs. A secure FlightYield gateway is installed within each customer network to collect, filter and buffer source data from relevant systems. Data is then transmitted to FlightYield application servers hosted securely in the cloud, where it is consolidated and validated. Flights are then processed using our sophisticated and granular charging rule engine.

FlightYield fact

FlightYield processes approximately USD $4.2 billion per year in revenue across all of our users.

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