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Educating drone users with Drone 101 AirBook

Airways Training teamed up with AirShare to develop an online, interactive and fun resource to give drone users a thorough understanding of the Civil Aviation rules and their responsibilities.

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The challenge

With increasing affordability and technology developments widening the application of drones, UAV industry growth is on the rise in New Zealand and globally.

Airways identified a need in New Zealand for drone flyer training, to help educate recreational and commercial drone flyers about the Civil Aviation rules and to provide a clearer understanding of their responsibilities. 

AirBooks solution

Airways Training teamed up with to develop 'Drone 101' — an online, interactive AirBook accessible on any device. Designed for drone operators who are often tech-savvy, AirBooks enable flyers to learn at their own pace, with content that caters to different learning styles by including text, images, videos and audio.

The Drone 101 course covers helpful tips, Civil Aviation Rules and information about airspace, operations, flight preparation and planning. Drone 101 also includes useful checklists to guide drone flights from start to finish. In addition, flyers can use the self-assessment tools within AirBooks to receive instant feedback on their understanding.

The value

Drone 101 contributes to a safer aviation environment by providing important information to support flying that doesn’t create a hazard to other air traffic, people or property. This resource also helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance and penalties by explaining the different types of airspace in New Zealand, where drone operations are permitted, and Civil Aviation rules.

Drone 101 is available via, the drone hub of New Zealand. AirShare aims to educate, engage and enable drone flyers by providing safety and educational information, blogs and news, and access to controlled airspace via the My Flights tool.

Dr. Maria Pozza Consultant lawyer and drone enthusiast

Drone 101 is perfect for new and seasoned drone operators wanting to learn about the legislations in New Zealand.

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