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Customer story:
Taking mobile simulation into the field

When Performance Based Navigation training was required for Airways controllers throughout New Zealand, a TotalControl simulator in a suitcase was the ideal training tool.

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The customer

Airways NZ has progressively introduced Performance Based Navigation (PBN) approaches into locations around New Zealand. Nelson was the next location to have new procedures introduced, and the team wanted to engage with as many people as possible during the development and introduction of the changes using simulation.

Nelson is over 400km away from the Airways training centre in Christchurch, which contains the nearest fixed TotalControl simulators.

Kevin Braithwaite Airways ATS specialist - PBN

Our TotalControl mobile simulator allowed us to engage with the Nelson controllers at their location during the development and introduction of PBN arrival and departure procedures, with minimal impact on their daily operational commitments and rosters.

The solution

The mobile simulator was loaded with the proposed PBN approaches, which the procedure developers took with them to Nelson. Controllers were introduced to the procedures and shown them in real time in the simulator, giving them the opportunity to give feedback while the procedures were in the development phase and supporting engagement with the change process.

The portable simulator in a suitcase option was chosen as the best option, because getting ATCs off the roster and into the training centre simulator to provide feedback would have meant increased cost, logistics, and roster disruption. Taking the sim to the tower enabled more people to be involved in the change, helping to spot any quality improvements or changes early, while making the change tangible for the tower.

The value

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