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Success through
shared training model

The VATM Train Abroad programme gives Vietnamese students the exciting opportunity to undertake ATC training with Airways in NZ, followed by on-the-job training with Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation.

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Customer's challenge

The Vietnam air navigation service provider, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) is responsible for air traffic services across two flight information regions (FIRs) which include 8 international and 13 domestic airports. Due to the strategic location and density of airspace, it is a priority for VATM to ensure safety, as regularity and efficiency of flight operations contribute to the development of air transport in the Asia Pacific region.

VATM view Airways as a quality provider of ATC training and have partnered with Airways in a shared training model to access qualified, safe and reliable trainees for its operational environment.

Vu Quang Huy VATM ATC trainee

Airways NZ is one of the best ATC training centres in the world. It has the finest equipment and facilities, and we were also astounded by how friendly and supportive Airways instructors and support staff are.

Airways' solution

VATM ab-initio students are self funded fee-paying students, selected jointly by VATM (for cultural fit) and Airways (for cognitive ability) using our SureSelect ATC selection tools. Following successful selection the students are streamed and enrolled by Airways to either the Aerodrome and Approach Procedural training or Area Control Surveillance and Procedural training.

The enrolment is a contractual relationship between the student and Airways, inclusive of course fees. Airways delivers the training using its comprehensive competency training and assessment system approved by the Civil Aviation Authority Vietnam (CAAV).

Throughout the training Airways keeps VATM up-to-date with timely progress reports as well as the pastoral care status of each student. All students who successfully complete the training are eligible for a CAAV ATC student licence and are guaranteed on-job training with VATM. The shared training model provides VATM with on-the-job qualified, proven, safe and reliable trainees to enhance its safety culture for little financial cost.

The results

The value

VATM trainees benefit from a supportive learning environment with a low instructor to student ratio. The programme includes both theoretical and applied training, using Airways’ own TotalControl simulator suite. TotalControl provides unparalleled realism and sophisticated real world simulation to ensure that students thrive in their studies, and students also enjoy access to advanced online learning technologies.

VATM students either share rented accommodation or live in homestay arrangements during their time with Airways. Living in New Zealand provides them with a unique opportunity for English immersion and exposure to the New Zealand culture.

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