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Customer story: SureSelect strikes a chord with ANSPs

SureSelect’s toolkit of test suites can be tailored to suit any ANSP's needs. Here we outline how different organisations took advantage of the flexibility of SureSelect to meet their specific goals.
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Customer story: Remote piloting with TotalControl

Remote simulator piloting helps ANSPs reduce training costs, minimise time off roster for ATCs, and enable greater flexibility in sim training with the ability for pilots to work from anywhere. 
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Customer story: Virtual training in action through AKO

Students from the General Civil Aviation Authority in the UAE completed 051 ATS Licensing Subjects training through the AKO virtual training academy - reducing travel costs through high quality interactive onli…
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Customer story: Avinor ANS Simulation Project

Innovative use of technology enabling first international remote simulator installation and site acceptance testing for Avinor ANS in Norway.
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Customer story: Takeoff Aviation Academy

TotalControl simulation technology provided Takeoff Aviation Academy with a high quality, versatile desktop ATC simulator solution for tower, approach and area surveillance. 
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Customer story: Simulating Lebanon skies

TotalControl simulation technology is being used to train air traffic controllers in Beirut, Lebanon - enhancing the quality and speed of their training using photo-real 3D graphics that mimic the real world.
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Customer story: Immersion environment produces results

ATC students from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in Saudi Arabia have been training with Airways since 2010. Around 170 GACA students have completed Airways' two-year training programme.
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Customer story: Selecting the right candidates

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) needed to recruit 20 air traffic controllers, and wanted to ensure an efficient, robust and objective selection approach that included ATC-specific testing.
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Customer story: Educating drone users with Drone 101 AirBook

Airways Training teamed up with AirShare to develop an online, interactive and fun resource to give drone users a thorough understanding of the Civil Aviation rules and their responsibilities.
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