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OJT Instructor

Become a qualified OJT Instructor and learn how to apply a competency training model, give feedback that supports learning and motivate trainees through skill deficiency diagnosis and positive reinforcement.

This course can be customised to suit your training needs. A minimum of 6 students per course is required, with a cost of approx. USD $2,500 per student.

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About this course


This course provides participants with instructional techniques and tools to manage and motivate a trainee’s performance using a competency framework, positive reinforcement and continuous assessment for effective and timely diagnosis of skill deficiencies and application of skill enhancement strategies.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Apply adult learning principles and strategies to optimise learning
  • Understand the formal processes of ATS training, including training documents
  • Recognise and integrate remedial actions that motivate and progress training outcomes
  • Apply a range of instructional techniques and tools to enhance the success of the learner
  • Apply a competency framework to ATC training
  • Effectively brief and debrief trainees
  • Apply on-job assessment and reporting processes
  • Diagnose trainee skill deficiencies and apply skill enhancement strategies
  • Manage the human factors related to on-job training.

Trainees must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English, and have the following:

  • Current air traffic licence with a rating for the relevant service
  • At least 2 years' experience exercising the privileges of an ATC or FSO licence.

Course delivery


This virtual course will be delivered via a blended learning approach - some sessions will be led by an instructor in a virtual classroom environment, and the remainder will be self-directed study. For the instructor-led component students will participate in live virtual sessions, with access to a range of digital interactive content from videos, quizzes and discussion forums. For the self-directed study, students will access our cloud-based learning resources, AirBooks and complete assignments and other activities.

  • Dedicated instructor support
  • A mix of structured study as a cohort, and self-directed learning
  • Dynamic digital content, using AirBooks.

About Airways Knowledge Online (AKO)

AKO devices

How to access AKO

  • Students are given a login to a Microsoft Office 365 account to enable access to AKO Connect, our online video conferencing tool
  • Students log into the AKO site on individual devices each day, to access AKO Connect for virtual live sessions, study instructions and the course plan
  • An AirBooks login will also be provided to access all AirBooks resources for the course. AirBooks can be accessed using any device, from a smartphone to a PC.

Course flyer

OJT Instructor course flyer

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