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Virtual training for aviation professionals

We have a range of scheduled AKO courses available - delivered via AKO Classroom, studying as a cohort in our virtual classroom environment. Check out our scheduled courses below.

Please note that these courses do not lead to New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) approved qualifications or programmes of study.

You can enrol in the below scheduled courses on our secure Airways International shop site.


Scheduled training programmes and courses

ATS Incident Investigation

The ATS incident investigation training course is ideally suited to those involved in conducting or reviewing aviation safety investigation and safety management activities.

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051 ATS Licensing Subjects

This training programme contains seven modules, providing students with a comprehensive introduction to Air Traffic Services.

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This training programme comprises four courses, where students will learn about the technology used by an ANSP, and understand the operation of aircraft and ATC in relation to that technology.

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ATS Assessor

Understand the skills and knowledge required to conduct assessments in the operational environment.

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Watch Supervisor

Lead your operational team with confidence by developing skills to help you work efficiently and safely to manage an operational air traffic service environment.

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OJT Instructor

Learn how to apply a competency training model to an operational environment, give feedback that supports learning and motivate trainees through skill deficiency diagnosis and positive reinforcement.

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OJTI Refresher

Refresh your OJT Instructor skills and knowledge, with instructional techniques and tools to manage and motivate a trainee's performance.

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ICAO Language Proficiency Rater Training

An intensive workshop to train linguistic and operational specialists how to develop, administer, manage, and rate Oral Proficiency Interviews in the aviation industry.

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Aviation English for Controllers

This course aims to introduce candidates to the use of English in an aviation context and improve their English language proficiency.

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