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AirBooks is our range of interactive learning resources allowing students to work and learn at their own pace while engaging with digital dynamic content. It's the first step in freeing the aviation world from books, binders and manuals.

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Fast, flexible, interactive

AirBooks helps you to speed up your training rollouts and completion timeframes. Supporting self-study, blended and classroom based training, AirBooks increases training flexibility and cost-effectiveness, and reduces disruptions to the roster. And with interactive content, 3D animations and games, AirBooks is an engaging learning solution.

Mobile and on demand

From a smartphone to a PC screen, AirBooks' responsive design will look great on any device, and content can be downloaded for offline use. Access AirBooks at any time by subscribing to the AirBooks library of ready-to-use cloud-based resources.

Digital training for ATCs

The AirBooks range covers the entire International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) syllabus across six downloadable titles:
AirMET, AirNAV, AirOPS, AirLAW, AirGAK and AirHPF. Course content can be viewed in multiple formats, and is always updated so there's no need to worry about outdated versions.

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By investing in a high quality tool like AirBooks, we are showing our staff that we take their training seriously.

AirBooks case study: ICAO 051 series

AirBooks case study: ATC refresher training for PBN

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