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AirBooks package: Introduction to ATC (for non-controllers)

This AirBooks package covers the basics of air traffic control, and is aimed at anyone working outside of ATC or students in training.

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About these AirBooks

ATC 101

The ATC 101 AirBook is aimed at individuals working in the industry, or those looking to enter, who do not come from an ATC or aviation background. It provides the necessary basic knowledge to work in an air navigation organisation.

  • Undertake more informed discussions with ATC colleagues and customers
  • Understand what an Air Traffic Controller is saying (common acronyms)
  • Discuss the functions and role of air traffic control
  • Understand types of airspace
  • Define the basic types of separation and principles of flight
  • Identify technology (e.g. navigation, surveillance) and tools used in air traffic management.

Tech 101

Tech 101 discusses the types of systems and technology that are used in Air Traffic Management (ATM) to provide a safe and effective service. It is particularly useful for staff who are new to the aviation industry or who build, supply or support air traffic management infrastructure or services, or just want to check or update their knowledge about air traffic control technologies.

  • Understand the five categories of an Air Navigation Services (ANS) ecosystem
  • Identify technology equipment used in ANS ecosystem
  • Understand the function of ANS technologies
  • Be aware of how the technologies work together.

Aviation Law 101

Aviation Law 101 is designed to give anyone a basic understanding of the laws of aviation and how they are governed by both national and international organisations.

  • State the necessity for air law, the sources and development of aviation law
  • Describe the freedoms of the air
  • Name the key international aviation authorities
  • Explain the purpose and function of ICAO
  • Describe the methods by which ICAO notifies and implements legislation
  • Describe the purpose and function of appropriate national agencies and their relevance to air traffic operations
    Describe the means by which legislation is implemented, notified and updated
  • Describe the purpose, function and responsibilities of an Aeronautical Information Service
  • Recognise the information contained in the different parts of the AIP
  • Describe how the regulatory/competent authority carries out its safety regulation responsibilities.

Security Awareness

The Security Awareness AirBook provides a basic understand of the safety and security required in both ATC and ANSP work environment. This covers physical security such as facilities and people, as well as online security such as cyber-attacks and email scams. Reporting threats and the importance of why you should report is also discussed.

  • Increase your awareness of security risks and understand how important security is
  • Understand your security responsibilities, and how to engage and promote security smart behaviours
  • Gain an understanding of common online security threats and how to mitigate these
  • Recognise how to respond to security related incidents
  • Become familiar with where to access important security related information.

Navigating Change

The Navigating Change AirBook helps the reader understand how to adapt to changes in their work and wider life. The book teaches how to support each other through change and to see changes as a positive in an evolving work environment.

  • Understand the neuroscience of change, and recognise where your mindset sits in relation to change
  • Understand the Change Curve during times of transition, and recognise what the giveaway signs are when you're in the change curve
  • Identify ways to support yourself and your colleagues through the curve smoothly
  • Identify how to access support during times of change.

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