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AirBooks package: ICAO 051 Licensing Subjects training

This AirBooks package contains a series of seven modules, to help students develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required in order to undertake specialized training in the Air Traffic Control industry. This course forms the prerequisite for all other Air Traffic Control Courses. 

Trainees will be equipped with the foundation level of knowledge and understanding to enable progression to either on-the-job training as an ATC Assistant, Flight Service Specialist, or to rating training in the simulator.

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About these AirBooks

Human Factors

Characterise factors which affect personal and team performance.

General Aviation Knowledge

In this course learners will describe basic theory of flight principles,  aircraft characteristics and performance and how these influence ATS operations.

Aviation Operations

In this course learners will describe the basic principles of air traffic services and apply basic operational procedures.

Aviation Law

Apply the regulations governing the rules of the air, airspace and flight planning and explain their development or, where applicable, their incorporation into national legislation.

Equipment and Systems

Explain the basic working principles of equipment that is generally used in ATC and appreciate how this equipment aids the controller in providing safe and efficient ATS.


Describe how meteorology affects ATS operations and aircraft performance, and apply meteorological information in the basic operational procedures of ATS.


Explain the basic principles of navigation and use this knowledge in ATS operations.

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