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AirBooks package: ATSEP

This AirBooks package comprises four modules, giving students an overall picture of the technology used by an ANSP, and an understanding of the operation of aircraft and ATC in relation to that technology. Students will also learn to understand the safety implications and regulatory framework that ATSEP works within.

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About these AirBooks

Introduction and Regulations

This course explains the ATSEP role, regulations governing it, and provides a background to airspace management, meteorology, and aeronautical information systems.

Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance

This course covers navigation fundamentals for aircraft, ground and space-based systems, surveillance fundamentals, and both voice and data communications concepts.

Processing and Maintenance

This course covers basic concepts in ATM Data Processing, system management, control and monitoring, basic maintenance practices, and supporting infra-structure.

Safety and Human Factors

This course covers the regulatory requirement for a Safety Management System, operational and occupational risk assessment, and Human Factors in an aviation environment.

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