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Free AirBooks offer for ANSPs

Travel restrictions and the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic has brought a renewed focus on digital learning in the aviation industry. With this in mind, Airways International is offering ANSPs the opportunity to experience our AirBooks digital learning platform free of charge.

This offer follows the successful CANSO APC3 digital learning project, where 330 staff members from 10 ANSPs across Asia Pacific gained access to AirBooks resources for three months and shared their experience via surveys. For further info, read the Digital Learning Research Report - an assessment of the application of e-learning in ATC training.


Free AirBooks library - ATC Covid-19 Recovery Training

Airways is offering ANSPs a free subscription to our 'ATC Covid-19 Recovery Training' AirBooks digital learning library for a period of three months, for up to 50 users per ANSP. 

Contact us now to register for this free AirBooks offer.


Human Factors Refresher

This AirBook discusses the relationship between human factors and an ATC environment and why human factors are important in ATC.

Abnormal Situation Handling

This AirBook covers examples of abnormal situations an ATC may encounter and how they should be handled.

Compromised Separation Theory

This AirBook examines how aircraft may end up in a compromised separation situation and how a controller can resolve these situations.

Offer details: ATC Covid-19 Recovery AirBooks

  • Target audience - suitable for ATCs who wish to refresh their knowledge or learn something new
  • Free subscription available for up to 50 users per ANSP. Additional subscriptions USD $50 per user
  • Subscription period - offer valid until 31 January 2021 and available for three months from date of signing. Time extensions by negotiation on a case-by-case basis
  • Dashboard analytics for managers included for a minimum of 25 users (limited numbers available)
  • Completion certificate templates
  • Preferential rates negotiated for ongoing subscriptions, additional titles or customised digital libraries.

Additional information

  • AirBooks can be purchased from our secure shop site
  • Substantial discounts are available for ANSPs (based on number of titles, number of people and access time required)
  • Custom libraries can be established to meet organisation requirements
  • Development of new AirBook titles are possible on request
  • Analytics dashboards are available to monitor progress of training with organisation subscriptions

To discuss your requirements further or obtain a quote, email us at

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Free AKO AirBooks offer for ANSPs

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