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AKO Course delivery

Flexible options to suit all styles of learning

AKO offers flexible, interactive training for the aviation sector, in an easily accessible online environment. We cater for both instructor-led and self-directed, self-paced learning through a range of delivery options - AKO Classroom, AKO Flexi, AKO AirBooks and AKO Gateway.

Utilising the latest online learning technologies and methods, AKO courses combine online self-paced learning with instructor-led virtual interactive classroom sessions, with content structured to enhance student success.

All AKO courses in our catalogue can be delivered via AKO Classroom, AKO Flexi or AKO AirBooks. Contact us now to talk through your training needs, and we'll deliver a course in a way that works for you.



AKO delivery options

AKO Classroom

AKO Classroom offers instructor-led courses in a virtual classroom environment - students participate in live virtual sessions with an instructor and their classmates, with access to self-directed digital interactive content.

AKO Flexi

With AKO Flexi, students begin their course at a time that suits them, learning on their own and at their pace, with access to instructor support as required.

AKO AirBooks

AirBooks is our range of cloud-based interactive learning resources allowing students to work self-directed, and learn any time, anywhere and on any device while engaging with digital dynamic content.

Flexible and responsive to your needs

AKO brings our classroom-based teaching into a virtual environment, where instructor and student interaction is maintained even though training is delivered from a distance.

The key to AKO is flexibility - we have a range of flexible learning options to suit your training needs.

  • Instructor-led courses where students participate in live virtual sessions with their classmates
  • Access to a range of digital interactive content 
  • Virtual lectures and demonstrations using PowerPoint, video, electronic whiteboard
  • Interactive discussions between instructor and students, and between students
  • Quizzes and classroom games
  • Self-directed sessions with participants completing activities or reading AirBooks

  • Learner-led courses, where students learn on their own at their pace
  • Anytime start, and 24/7 access to the AKO platform
  • Tutor available for support as required
  • Access to dynamic digital content, through AirBooks
  • Flexi-time assessments - face-to-face or digital.

  • Self-directed learning - learn any time, anywhere, on any device from a smartphone to a PC
  • Engage with digital dynamic content that caters to individual learning styles
  • Boost learning via interactive images, 3D animations and games
  • Online knowledge checks and assessments
  • Access to AirBooks libraries and individual AirBooks through AKO.

  • Establish your own virtual academy using our resources
  • Train your way - online, blended or face-to-face
  • Use only the resources you need

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