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Airways International

Working with some of our industry’s best aviation experts, Airways International delivers products and services that enhance the quality of ATC training, reduce congestion and environmental impacts, and create efficiencies for our customers.

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Air navigation services

Our air navigation services enable the safe and efficient navigation of aircraft across the aviation network. Airways processes have been proven to save fuel, increase runway capacity and support aviation safety.
PS SliceNav ANS Aerodrome services

Airfield services

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Aeronautical support services

In this industry there’s no standing still. That's why we commit to ensuring you're continually streamlining your aeronautical operations, giving you the economic and environmental advantage to stay one step ahead.
Training Solutions

Digital & simulation solutions

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New Zealand Service and Pricing Framework

Want to know more? Our Service and Pricing Frameworks outline the services we provide to aviation in New Zealand. They define our service levels and guide our pricing policies.