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Top New Zealand television news show features Airways Southern PBN implementation

19 Apr 2013


Editor’s note: evidence of PBN success in Queenstown

The aviation sector has already reaped enormous benefits from the Southern PBN Implementation in the short time it has been in action.

  • Queenstown Airport Company Limited can now handle up to 12 aircraft per hour, compared to the previous five hours in poor weather, in this extreme mountainous terrain

  • All airlines operating in Queenstown are benefiting from dramatically reduced in-flight delays – from 2000-2600 minutes a month to only around 400 minutes a month (based on December 2012 data) and 227 minutes a month (based on February 2013 data)

  • The reworked RNP AR departures have provided a large increase in take-off payload – about 1700kg off runway 05

  • Airways can safely manage more than double the traffic with no requirement to tactically separate arrivals from departures.


Airways has calculated the following possible savings per year, based on December 2012-February 2013 data:

  • Reduction in minutes delay:          19,200-28,800
  • Fuel saved:                                           480,000-720,000kg
  • Dollars saved:                                      $630,000-$950,000
  • CO2 saved:                                           2,000,000-2,250,000kg



Total ground delay

Total in-flight delay

Total number of aircraft

Average delay per aircraft

Avg prior to
Nov 2012

550 mins

2,400 mins


6:15 mins

Dec 2012

103 mins

406 mins


1:05 mins

Jan 2013

162 mins

323 mins


:37 secs

Feb 2013

19 mins

227 mins


:32 secs

What next for Airways New Zealand?

Airways aims to achieve a nationwide rollout of PBN procedures by 2015.

PBN procedures are already in place at Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland airports and have delivered significant operating benefits, specifically to airlines through shortened tracks between departure point and destination.

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