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Total Control simulators

Yuri van den Bongard Senior pilot and simulator technician

Types of simulators

Total Control can easily be configured to suit your individual training requirements. Whether you need a radar, aerodrome, part-task or full ATC simulation solution, Total Control can meet your needs.

  • Total Control Premium

The Total Control 360° simulator provides a total tower experience, both internally and externally. It features advanced controller work position simulation and high fidelity environmental simulation. Total Control enables ATC instructors to tailor scenarios to match the individual learning needs of each trainee.

  • Total Control  simulator - ProfessionalTotal Control Professional

The Total Control Professional simulator provides the same high quality and realistic experience as Total Control Premium but in a more compact space. A range of sizes and viewing angles is available, from 180-270°.

  • Total Control Performance

The Total Control Performance simulator provides an excellent ab-initio training environment. This desktop version is ideally suited for use by trainees or operational ATCs for running scenarios and practising exercises, as well as refresher scenarios.

  • Total Control  simulator - RadarTotal Control Radar

The Total Control radar suite offers optimum interactivity between several trainees and the instructor at any one time. The realistic simulated exercises can be run simultaneously with the aerodrome configuration. This allows for a live interactive experience between approach/area trainees and aerodrome trainees.