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Education and training

Tom/ ZHANG Zhen Yu ATC trainee from Civil Aviation University of China, 2012
Harry/ XUE Shao Min ATC trainee from Civil Aviation University of China, 2012

Airways training courses

As ab-initio air traffic controller training experts, Airways achieves some of the highest success rates in the industry. We can help your recruits complete their education, while lowering your recruitment costs for ATC ab-initios by 25%.

  • Air traffic safety electronics personnel (ATSEP) training: We provide over 50 courses for air navigation services engineers and technicians, on topics such as communications equipment, power systems, radar and navigational aids. 

  • Air traffic management training: We also offer a suite of courses designed to help instructors and aspiring instructors further their skills.

  • ATS operations support: We run courses designed to keep ANSP management personnel up-to-date with best-practice management techniques and improve their leadership abilities.

  • Aviation English: We hold ICAO aligned, aviation-specific English training and testing for non-English speakers.

  • Study Abroad: Enrol to study abroad with Airways! Experience living overseas, immerse yourself in the English language, and enjoy expert training from some of the best ATC and air traffic management (ATM) instructors in the world.

  • Online ATC training: Online learning tools are a proven way to enhance the training experience. They form an integral part of Airways' educational delivery and allow students to learn in the format and pace that suits them best.

  • i-Learn: A computer based training tool that complements and enhances the ATC training programme. i-Learn includes modules on Aerodrome lighting, Aerodrome markings and Aircraft recognition.

  • VV Enroute & VV Approach: VV Enroute and VV Approach, developed by Visual Vectoring, are radar training packages that reduce the time, money and resource needed to train radar controllers. Students work on some intense and challenging traffic scenarios in a real enroute environment. Our package includes over 250 hours of self-learning using voice recognition software.

  • e-Competency: Our electronic competency system manages all on-job training. An easy-to-use menu-based system allows the instructor to record training progress and make regular checks against competency requirements.