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Chris Wiltshire

Chris Wiltshire

Chris says he enjoys the challenge of working out how to fix the huge number of systems that work together to provide the overall service.

“You might have a user say ‘it’s fuzzy’ or ‘it’s not working,’ and you need to actually to dig in to it and work out what point may be faulty. Is it the radio? Is it the voice switch? Or is it the network in-between, which is carrying that information?  Then once you’ve analysed the information, you can narrow it down and then set about correcting it.”

Airways technicians need a good mix of customer service skills and a strong technical understanding of how systems work together.

“Often, we need to advise the customer - our air traffic controllers – of how a fault could impact them.  To do this, you need to analyse what the fault is, and the implications of it, and then actually convey this to the controllers to let them know what the impact is,” says Chris. 

"Safety is very much the culture here, everyone’s really friendly and positive and good to work with, and for everyone, it’s about treating our systems with the respect they deserve."