bullet Air Traffic Controller Careers

Air Traffic Control CareersWelcome to Airways. You've just landed at the destination where you'll find all the information you need to help your future take off.

Whether you've already thought about becoming an Air Traffic Controller (ATC), or are just exploring the possibility, you're about to discover that it's a career that provides an impressive mix of challenge, opportunity and reward.

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bullet Already a Qualified Air Traffic Controller?

Qualified Air Traffic Control CareersAs an experienced Air Traffic Controller you can usually expect to work at our main radar centre in Christchurch, New Zealand. For these vacancies we require radar experience. Occasionally we have vacancies for our Control Towers located throughout New Zealand or our Oceanic Unit based in Auckland.

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bullet Other Careers at Airways

Like the Controllers, the Systems staff are also highly trained and professional employees. Airways recruits experienced and qualified engineers and technicians and then provides up to 18 months of in-house training and on-the-job experience to bring them up to speed with Airways' equipment and processes..

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