bullet Trainee Snapshots

Ben PetrieBen Petrie joined Airways in 2009 as a technical trainee in Christchurch. 

Ben initially got to know about Airways through an interest in air traffic control... read more >>


Jeremy StevensJeremy joined Airways as a Technical Trainee in 2006.

After completing his Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Jeremy headed to Laos for a year to a job he knew very little about... read more >>


Douglas McMillanDouglas joined Airways’ Technical Trainee program in 2008 although his interest in aviation started much earlier while his family were posted in Toulouse, France - the aviation capital of Europe. read more >>


bullet Other Careers at Airways

Like the Controllers, the Engineering & Maintenance staff are also highly trained and professional employees. Airways recruits experienced and qualified engineers and technicians and then provides up to 18 months of in-house training and on-the-job experience to bring them up to speed with Airways' equipment and processes..

Learn more about Other Careers at Airways >>