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Keeping up with technology change

In the Training Technologies team we share the unenviable task, as many others do in Airways, of not only keeping up with technology change, but attempting to get ahead of it. As the pace of technology change increases, how do when know when to make the investment of money, time and effort to make a technology step forward, and when do we miss an iteration and wait for the next big change or opportunity? 

It’s hard enough keeping up to date with latest phones, let alone what platform to host eLearning on or how to integrate online education. How do we identify the Valerie Adams, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolts of the technology world that are going to stay at the forefront of an ever improving field with new competition entrants all the time?  The answer is a robust process beginning with articulating what the customer/end user requires (what is the problem that needs solving?), being open minded to potential solutions, carrying out a detailed evaluation of the options and then finally making a timely decision.  

This is the process we have been through with AirBooks, our eLearning platform, that we launched a year ago after realising the need for a platform that would present learning and other material to the ‘net generation’ in a more interactive and engaging format. We are now using AirBooks for domestic and international initial ATC training and the Airshare UAV initiative. Recently we used AirBooks to present Airways’ business strategy to staff and we are now looking at expanding the use of the technology. 

Keeping ahead of technology is a challenge that we face widely in this industry, but this is what give us great opportunities for innovation. As Stewart Brand once said: “Once new technology rolls over you. If you’re not part of the steamroller you are part of the road.” 


Greg Tyrrell

Training Technologies Manager