bullet What I do :

Alice Palmer - air traffic controller

What is ATCAlice Palmer is living proof that complaining about your job can change your life!

Alice was working at a government job in Wellington that largely consisted of pushing paper around and staring into a computer screen. 

One evening, Alice’s flat mate had a friend over for dinner and halfway through her agonizing recount of her boring day at work, the dinner guest said ‘You should try out my job’.  He was an Air Traffic Controller (ATC).

“My flatmate’s friend was an ATC at Wellington Tower, so he said to come up to the tower for a visit to see what I thought. I went up there on a sunny day and I was hooked within five minutes.

I had no aviation background whatsoever. I just thought it [ATC] looked great because you got to talk to planes, the view was amazing and there was a real sense of responsibility. I just knew this is what I should be doing.”

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bullet Jeremy Stevens – navigation systems engineer

Vision 2015Jeremy joined Airways as a Technical Trainee in 2006 and in just four years, he has risen up the ranks to become a navigation systems engineer.

“I wanted a job that would provide me with some career progression in an out of the ordinary industry. I applied for a job as a Technical Trainee within Airways.

This allowed me to get my foot in the door and soon they had me heading all over the country to some very interesting places.

I got involved in some awesome projects like the Queenstown Multilateration (surveillance) project where we spent the majority of our days flying into the mountains by helicopter to install large Multilat sites”.

Jeremy has also taken part in a project installing VHF radios and Voice Recorders throughout Queensland, Australia.

“I was lucky and got to spent 3 months working there in some of Australia’s most amazing holiday destinations.” 

Jeremy has now moved into the Navigation Engineering area of the company. In this role he will manage projects that involve the upgrading and installation of navaids across New Zealand and the world.

“The people within Airways are great. They are all very friendly and helpful and this is what helps make Airways such a great place to work.”