bulletAir navigation - no matter what the weather

The impact of fog and adverse weather has been lessened for NZ travellers, thanks to a combination of enhanced navigation lighting and new surveillance technologies, known as CAT III ILS and Multi-lateration (MLAT).

Airways installation of this new technology is a first for the Southern hemisphere and means specially-equipped aircraft can now land and take-off in fog.

"The savings associated with fog-induced aircraft diversions, passenger travel disruptions and flight cancellations have been dramatically reduced"

Capt David Morgan, GM Airline Operations & Safety for Air New Zealand.

Multi-Lateration - cutting edge technology for Queenstown

Airways is constanlty seeking out new technology in our drive to improve and increase efficiency and safety in air traffic management.

We are currently installing Multi-Lateration (MLAT) into the mountains surrounding Queenstown. Its use there is considered ‘cutting edge’ and Airways adoption of this proven
technology is regarded as being amongst the best deployment in the world currently.

The accuracy and reliability of MLAT allows Airways staff in the control tower to accurately know where all the aircraft are operating in the Queenstown basin area, resulting in improved safety and flight regularity for the Queenstown community