bullet What is Air Traffic Control?

cialAir Traffic Control comprises the various aircraft navigation and communication systems that use computers, radar, radios, and other instruments and devices to provide guidance to flying aircraft.

Trained personnel working as air traffic controllers at stations on the ground constantly monitor these systems and track the locations and speeds of individual aircraft. Controllers can warn aircraft should they come too close to each other. Air traffic control is also used for the safe coordination of landings and takeoffs at airports.

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bullet Vision 2015

Vision 2015Aviation plays a crucial role in New Zealand’s economic wellbeing.

Projected long-term growth of the aviation sector globally means it is essential to maintain the vitality of aviation through safe, effi cient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable air navigation services. To ensure this, future Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems must provide for optimum use of enhanced technology capabilities; both airborne and ground based.

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