bullet What is Air Traffic Control?

What is ATCAir traffic control is a combination of human expertise and leading edge technology.

Airways owns and installs air navigation and communications systems which provide guidance to aircraft flying through New Zealand airspace. These systems include:

  • Radar (primary and secondary)
  • Satellite navigation
  • Navigation aids
  • Non-directional beacons (NDBs)
  • Instrument landing
  • Airfield lighting
  • Oceanic control

This technology is supported by a range of technical and professional staff:

  • Airspace designers
  • Software developers and engineers
  • Specialist technicians
  • Flight information officers
  • Air traffic controllers

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bullet Who funds air traffic management in NZ?

Christchurch TowerAirways is the world’s first fully commercial ANSP. That means our business is funded entirely by the people who use our services. In most other countries, ANSP's are funded by their Government.

Airways generates its revenue from:

  • Charges to commercial customers (ie major airlines)
  • Charges to the General Aviation (GA) community (small aircraft operators)
  • Offshore training
  • International project management and consultancy
  • Investments